Your New Favorite Employee!

1000 characters in one and your new favorite employee!

One part robot and one part entertainer, Sho-Bots are an amazing new type of animatronic character. One day it could be an archaeologist discovering treasures. The next, a pirate entertaining your restaurant guests. Traditional animatronics are expensive, complicated and built for one purpose, never to change again. We re-imagined what an animatronic could be, eliminating the limitations, and created the world's first multi-use animatronic character. We made it easy to change the show. We made it easy to change the costume. We made it easy to change the pose. Your Sho-Bot could be a wizard, cowboy, demon and Santa...all in an afternoon!

Order it Your Way
Our design system walks you through the process. You start by choosing your Sho-Bot. From there you customize by picking a face and eye color. From there, you pick your costume, hair and specialized hair punching options. The Accessories lets you add any options you might need. You don't need to know anything about an animatronic to order a Sho-Bot!

Packed with features and affordable!
A comparable traditional animatronic can be 20-40% more expensive and not have all the versatility of a Sho-Bot. The reason is simple. Most animatronics are custom designed and built for a particular purpose.
With a Sho-Bot, you do not have to pay for any of those design and development hours...and that saves a lot of money!
On top of that, a Sho-Bot has a ton of features those traditional animatronics don' can pose it seated or standing, change shows with no programming and treat it like the versatile employee it is!

No Programming Required!
Traditionally, programming an animatronic character involves hours of tedious technical work...until now! Our Programming-Free system allows you to instantly change shows. Simply replace the sound track and your Sho-Bot will now perform a brand new show!

From a Pirate to a Wizard in 30 Minutes or less!
Our Quick-Change costumes allow you to quickly and easily change your Sho-Bot's clothes. Each costume comes with the accessories shown, and in the case of the Pirate, it comes with the dreadlocks. The costumes are constructed with Velcro releases and footwear that will slide on easily.
Custom costumes can be provided upon request or we can modify a costume you already have.
On top of that, a complete change over to a new character can easily be done in less than a half hour.

Sit or stand!
Some characters need to be in the seated position and some need to be standing.
A Sho-Bot can be in either of these poses.
Even better, two people can change the pose in less than two minutes with absolutely no tools.

Works in any country and any language!
A Sho-Bot is a character of the world.
It works in pretty much any country and can be used with any language.
If you are in BeiJing, then your Sho-Bot probably needs to speak Manderin.
..and he can!
In India, it may need to speak multiple dialects...again, not a problem!
...and if your Sho-Bot is in New York, he had better know how to talk to the locals.