Special Effects

Creative Visions has been developing unique special effects for the amusement industry since we opened our doors, back in 1992.

Special Effects (or Special F/X if you prefer) refer to both physical and visual effects that are used to simulate imagined events in a story or virtual world. The type we create are specifically designed for the amusement industry, though we are also often called on to create unique effects for the corporate world as well.

Types of special effects we create include….
Video Effects
Simulated Fire Effects
Repeatable, non-destructive impact effects
Haunted Attraction effects
Fog Effects
Floor Effects
…and more!

We can create Living Portraits, ghost effects, simulated bridges as well as environmental and atmospheric effects such as fog and scents.

If you need something unique and don’t know how to make it happen, give us a call and we might just have a solution!