Custom Displays


From the Earth to the Moon

First, there was the earth... We were commissioned to create a unique scale model of the earth for Caterpillar to promote their environmental mission. The challenge was to develop a free-standing globe with embedded video and audio to be displayed in the Peoria International Airport. Long story short, planet earth was amazing...Everyone loved it! The moon was born 27 days after the earth. While in pre-production on the earth, we received an unusual request from legendary St. Louis developer, Joe Edwards...he needed the moon. His newest development, The Moonrise Hotel, was under construction but still missing it's crown, a huge rotating moon to top it off! This was an important project because we were creating a new landmark for the city of St. Louis. Again...a huge success! You should have seen the smile on Joe's face!


Logo On Ice

When cutting-edge exhibit house, Pro Expo, came to us with a request for their client's logo carved out of ice, we problem. Except it couldn't be ice...but it had to look like ice!
You see, Hussman wanted to create a new focal point for their trade show booth and as refrigeration experts, displaying their logo in ice would really set off the display.

The results speak for themselves....Breathtaking!