Creative Visions is proud to present the Sho-Bot, a unique new type of human animatronic. A Sho-Bot is amazingly versatile and easy to use. One day it could be a an archeologist discovering the wonders of Egypt...and the next day it could be a pirate encouraging your guests to try your new themed restaurant. And it works! Day in and day out.

No bathroom breaks and no poor performances. We can reproduce a living person or bring a historic figure back to life. We can create a living cartoon or your mascot.

Or just want a reproduction of you!  Our fabrication team makes sure everything moves just right, while our artisans painstakingly hand-apply hair and create the perfect costume for your new character.

A character can have as few as one and as many as 25 motions...and for truly high end experience, we can offer near-compliance motions.

If you are looking for a human animatronic, we recommend looking at the Sho-Bot line first, as they will be your most affordable and user-friendly options. If you don't find what you are looking for there, please contact us and we can prepare a custom quote for your needs.