Between art and science, resides the amazing. That special place where anything is possible. Perhaps you need an animated historical figure brought back to life to educate in a museum. Maybe you need a fun and entertaining singing, guitar-playing burro for your Tex-Mex restaurant. Or maybe you need a giant Great White Shark thrashing around! From the simple to the sophisticated, Creative Visions has a solution

So what is an animatronic?
An animatronic character is a robot that simulates life. It can be human, animal or a fantastical creature. It can entertain or educate...and usually operates automatically.

Why do I need an animatronic character?
If you want a famous historic figure to deliver a speech....and that person has been dead for 100 years, you need an animatronic character. If you don't want activists protesting your treatment of endangered animals, you need an animatronic character. If you want a 12 foot tall monster made completely out of rock, you need an animatronic character. We give life to the impractical or impossible. Even better, animatronics are work horses. They don't need breaks, get sick or miss work!

The art of creating a character is a careful combination of science and engineering...with breath-taking results.