So you are ready for an animatronic character. If this is your first time, you are probably have questions and are curious about how the process works.

Typically, it goes like this

1. First, we identify your objectives, requirements, ideas, budget and restrictions.
2. We will discuss what you want the character to do and ways it can be achieved.
3. From there, we will put together a proposal and hammer out the details.
4. Once everything is set, we make things official with a Production Agreement.
5. The next step is to design the character...a combination of art design and mechanical CAD design.
6. Before production begins, you will have the opportunity to approve the art and design.
7. At the conclusion of the design phase, we can lock the budget, preventing cost over-runs.
8. If needed, the soundtrack will be scripted, produced and submitted to you for approval.
9. Once the design is complete, we begin the build process.
10. During production, we will provide regular progress reports on the construction process.
11. Once the build is complete, the artists take over and apply hair, costume and paint job.
12. With the character assembled, we begin programming the show. We combine the sound, lighting and synchronization of motions into a final show.
13. The finished character is carefully re-examined and then operated for 24 hours.
14. Once the character is complete, we will pack and ship it to your location.
15. Many characters are so easy to install, that you can do it yourself!  Installation assistance is always available, if needed.