The difference between a good attraction and a great one is the theming.

Just ask Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. In the fall of 2017, they unveiled the world’s first underground drop ride, the Haunted Mine Drop!
This isn’t just any ride though. It is the park’s first themed attraction and they knew that just putting a drop ride underground wasn’t enough. So, they brought in Creative Visions to help bring it to life. After extensive discussions with the park's management team, we created the story, theming and visual effects…culminating in an amazing drop experience.
All this came together to become what USA Today called ”the best new theme park attraction of 2017.”

What is theming?
Theming refers to "the use of an overarching create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a consumer venue. In an overall sense, theming can be categorized under either experience; what an individual sees and feels in their current ‘themed environment’ or décor; which is utilized to make an individual remember something through the portrayal of the theme.”

So, what can we create for you?

Whether you have a dark ride, walk-thru, themed attraction, or entire property in need of an identity, theming makes it memorable.
Creative Visions has a distinct advantage because of all the elements that we create in-house. While many theming companies are just designers or architects that farm out the actual work, we build most everything in our shop. This includes animatronics, props, sets, special effects, visual and audio elements.
It starts by developing a concept and building a story line. But it is more than just that. It has to work with your vision, your needs and most importantly…your budget.
From there we develop the individual elements, making sure they serve the story and advance the narrative. Finally, everything is combine to seamlessly to create…the experience!